Using File Browser with multiple paths or directories

In a previous article we configured File Browser to access “/var/www/html“, this time we will modify that configuration so to allow us access to multiple directories.

As a first step, create a directory for File Browser to use as storage, I have created one in “home” by running “mkdir /home/filebrowser“.

Then change the “filebrowser.json” configuration file “root” to point to the new directory, as below;

Save your changes by pressing “CTRL + O“, to close the editor press “CTRL + X“.

Stop and start File Browser by running the commands below;

systemctl stop filebrowser.service
systemctl start filebrowser.service

When you access File Browser you should now see the below;

You could create Folders or Files in the new location, but we want to access existing paths, such as “/var/www/html“, to do that we can create in the “filebrowser” directory a “symlink” to the directory we need access to.

We will utilize the “ln” command for creating a symbolic link to a specific directory. Adding the “-s” option indicates that a soft link will be created for the specified directory.

 ln -s /var/www/html /home/filebrowser/html

To better understand the above command, see the below;

ln -s [Source_Directory_Path] [Symbolic_Link_Destination_Path]

Now refresh your File Browser and you should see below;

All going well, you should now be able to create other symlinks in the “filebrowser” directory and access all the files you need to.

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